Just Getting Started

Hey All, I am just getting started here on WordPress with a website and blog. I’ve never had one, so be patient with me as I learn how to do all this stuff. I’m a very simple person, as many of you know, so I’m hoping that developing all of this will not be overly complicated. We shall see…haha.

The purpose of this website is stated in the heading: Discover, Plant, Build and Encourage. Karen and I are involved in worldwide missions, endeavoring to serve Christ and His church in the most effective ways possible, where He can utilize what talents and abilities He has given us. Our objective is to preach the simple gospel of Jesus Christ, allowing that, and that alone, to convert the lost; to help mature these new babes in the faith; and, to promote the one and only church of the New Testament for which Christ died. We will seek to accomplish that in four ways:

1) Discover the areas in the world where He wants us and where we are most needed.

2) Plant the church/body of Christ wherever we go.

3) Build the newly planted churches, or those which are small and struggling, needing our help.

4) Encourage all New Testament Christians and churches to defend the faith and live lives worthy of the gospel of Christ, to impress on them their responsibility to be evangelistic.